Book More Appointments

Using the Power of AI

Use Artificial Intelligence
to Cold Call and Reach Out to
Thousands of
Prospects on Your List

to Book Appointments
in Your Calendar




Real Time Lead Engagement
Provide a list of prospects to call or have it call any lead as soon as enter your CRM, our AI gets to work, ensuring no opportunity is lost.

Qualification & Tagging
Leads are vetted and tagged automatically, ensuring your sales team only engages the ripest opportunities.

Automated Appointment Booking
Our incredibly Human-like conversational AI will engage prospects over the phone, and book appointments in your calendar.

Massive Outreach
Potential to call 10,000 people in just 30 minutes, amplifying your sales potential.

Actual AI Voice Outreach
Phone Call Case Study

Believe it or Not the Sample Below is NOT a Human, but Rather Our Powerful Conversational AI Tool Making a Phone Call and Booking an Appointment for a Real Estate Agent.

Click Below to Listen to The Actual Conversation.


Instant Adaptability

Our AI doesn’t just work — it learns. It’s custom-trained on your business nuances,

ensuring every conversation feels personal and impactful.

Voice Authenticity

Delivering interactions with a voice so lifelike, leads will find it indistinguishable

from human conversation, fostering genuine connections. Choose between different voice styles & accents

Pioneering Technology

As pioneers in deploying Generative AI for sales, we’ve achieved a blend of technology

and human touch. Educate leads, overcome objections, and inspire action like never before.

Plug, Play & Propel with Any CRM!
Elevate your sales game. Seamlessly integrate and synchronize with any CRM, ensuring you’re always a step ahead.

But don’t just take our word for it. See what other Brokers are saying…

“This is a total game changer for our brokerage. Our agents are now spending more time talking to customers and showing homes instead of spending time on the phone qualifying and booking appointments.”

Terry Mancini
Real Estate Broker
Pinnacle Realty

“The quality of the AI voice is mind blowing and the pure volume and automation of the outreach and appointment booking process has really made an impact with our sales agents.”

Patrick Moore
General Manager
Vantage Solar Group 

Book Your call with our AI Media Specialist
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This AI Technology is ideal for…

– Any business that does cold calling outreach

 – And/Or any business that has a regular influx of leads and are looking to dramatically increase sales agent production and efficiency

 – Any business wanting to find alternatives to outsourced overseas callers and looking for your outreach to to sound more localized 

About Scott Melnyk

Scott has always been an entrepreneur at heart.  Growing up in rural Alberta, Canada, he eventually went on to build a 7 figure business that he started from scratch in his spare bedroom that grew into a multi-faceted web development and digital marketing agency. With over 29 years experience, he has a passion for helping businesses throughout USA and Canada grow and scale through lead generation and sales automation.  He is now CEO and Founder of 360 Media Consulting.