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Some of Our Results

Do You Want Dozens of Qualified Home Buyer and/or Seller Leads Coming in Regularly?

Below is a sample of qualified buyer leads being sent to a Realtor’s email inbox as a result of a successful online lead generation campaign.

Below is a screenshot of 7 days of buyer leads generated through an online lead form for one property campaign.

Below shows summary screenshots of several campaigns that were run for specific properties and how many buyer leads generated for each.

37 Qualified Buyer Leads in only 14 Days

Leads include Full Name, Email address & Phone Number

26 Qualified SellerLeads in only 7 Days

Leads include Full Name, Email address & Phone Number 

Does Any of This Sound Familiar?

You find yourself frustrated with paying for leads only to see them slip away because you didn’t have time to respond to them….

You’re tired of getting leads that are mostly tire kickers and wasting your time….

You know your lead generation and follow-up process needs to be improved but you just don’t know how to do it….

You’re simply not getting enough leads….

And you don’t have time to figure it out.

We Have a Solution!

Avoid the common mistake of letting leads fall through the cracks by using our automated leads follow-up system both before the booked appointment and after.

Provide potential buyers & sellers with instant personalized contact to qualified them.

We then book a call in the Realtors calendar to talk with each lead.

We provide reminders before the booked appointment to help ensure the leads show up to their appointments.

We Significantly reduce the amount of time spent following up with leads by providing a long term drip sequence to help nurture leads into customers.

With all of the above, this leads to help generate a higher lead to customer conversion rate, and ultimately more closed deals and commissions.

This highly effective system helps to (A) Improve the Quality of Your leads, (B) Keep a Steady Flow of Leads, and (C) Follow Up with Your Leads

Why Our Method Works


We discuss your business, what you’ve been doing and what your goals are.  Then we formulate a plan and offer designed to achieve those goals.


We look at your ideal customer from a demographic perspective and start targeting those home buyers & sellers on social media.


Then we filter out the leads that are not serious or qualified to ensure we maintain a good level of quality  and then have them book an appointment.


We then use an automated system to follow-up with each lead for both their booked call as well as long term follow-ups to help nurture your leads into paying clients.


You then provide the service and continue to gain new customers, earn more commissions, build your Realty Business and watch your agency grow.

What Sets Us Apart?


Unlike most other lead generation services, 360 Media Consulting takes a holistic approach to the lead & overall sales process.  We don’t just send you as many leads as we can and hope for the best.  We believe in quality over quantity. That’s why we pre-qualify each lead with a questionnaire and human follow-up calls to make sure they are more likely to be your ideal client and not just tire kickers wasting your time.



In addition, we have an automated follow-up process to help significantly increase the number of leads that actually show up to their scheduled call appointments.



And if that wasn’t enough, we even setup a follow-up process that is designed to help nurture your leads in the long term even if they don’t turn into customers right away.  This way you remain on their radar and when they are ready to buy, they know exactly who to call. 



Many Lead-gen companies try to cater to every business industry out there but never really master any. We focus on only a select few business niches and Real Estate Leads are our specialty. We know our business well and know how to find good leads and follow-up with them when it comes to Real Estate buyers and sellers.



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About Scott Melnyk

Scott has always been an entrepreneur at heart.  Growing up in rural Alberta, Canada, he eventually went on to build a 7 figure business that he started from scratch in his spare bedroom that grew into a multi-faceted web development and digital marketing agency. With over 20 years experience, he has a passion for helping businesses grow and scale through lead generation and sales automation.  He is now CEO and Founder of 360 Media Consulting. 


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