Agencies: Get Your Clients’ Business Ranked
on Google Page 1
In Just 30 Days


No More Waiting 6 – 9 months
or more to see significant progress.
Your clients will love the results!




Page 1 – 30 Day Ranking
We guarantee your client’s business will be ranked on page 1 of Google Search results within 30 Days.

Rank for Main Keywords
Get your client’s ranked for the top 5 keywords related to their business in up to 10 towns & regions in their area.

Appear on Both Google Search & Google Maps
Start by getting your client’s keywords ranked on page 1 of Google Search Results, and then eventually onto Google Maps as well.

30 Day – Page 1 Ranking Guarantee
If we don’t rank on Google Page 1 within 30 days for any of your client’s keywords, we will work for free until we do. (This has yet to happen with our 100% success rate.)

14 Month Beta Testing Results

Over this 14 month testing period, we have tested dozens of local businesses to see if we could get them ranked on Google Page 1 within 30 days.  During this testing period we achieved a 100% success rate.

Google Search Results

Google Search

Google Maps Search Results

Mapboost SEO

Below is a Cost Comparison Between Google Ads, Regular SEO, and MapBoost SEO

Average Client Cost To Get to
Google Page 1

(Retail Pricing)

MapBoostTM Reseller Pricing

– Your cost per client: One time Setup Fee of $595. Plus ongoing $595 per month

– Resellers are selling this for $1497 to $1997 per month on average

– Includes ranking for up to 5 keywords and 10 local towns/regions

– We provide case studies, explainer video, and Reseller ad templates

– There is a one-time $295 Reseller Signup Fee


But don’t just take our word for it. See what our clients are saying…

“This is a total game changer for our business. We’re completely swamped with calls for estimates.  We just want to say a huge thank you!”

Terry Mancini
President & Owner
Pinnacle Asphalt Maintenance

“We tried 2 other SEO companies in the past and they weren’t able to come even close in 9 months with what you achieved in 30 days.”

Patrick Moore
General Manager
Vantage Solar Group 

Book Your call with our MapboostTM SEO Specialist
and lets find out if your Agency is a Good Fit for our
MapBoostTM Reseller Program.

Who is MapBoostTM SEO ideal for?

– Any business that provides a product or service in their local area.

– Any business that doesn’t want to wait 6 to 9 months or more to get to Google page 1

– Any local business that is currently doing Google ads and wants to save thousands annually in advertising costs.

 – Any local business that wants to dominate Google search results in their local area.

 – Any local business that wants to get more calls, leads, customers, and requests for estimates to significantly increase their sales.

About Scott Melnyk

Scott has always been an entrepreneur at heart.  Growing up in rural Alberta, Canada, he eventually went on to build a 7 figure business that he started from scratch in his spare bedroom that grew into a multi-faceted web development and digital marketing agency. With over 29 years experience, he has a passion for helping businesses throughout USA and Canada grow and scale through lead generation and sales automation.  He is now CEO and Founder of 360 Media Consulting.