Managers & Owners:

Keep your dining room busy
with new customers
and grow your Restaurant

Restaurant Growth Program Case Study

– 6 Months Results –

Multipronged Facebook & Instagram Campaign

Average 53 New Customers Added Each Month


Average 31% turn Repeat Customers


Average 12% Month over Month Growth

But don’t just take our word for it. See what our clients are saying…

We started seeing results within days of launching our Facebook campaign. We’re noticing a significant influx of new customers that haven’t dined in our restaurant before.  Keep up the good work!

Bethany Walker
Sizzling Pomodoro

“We’ve worked with other marketing companies in the past and found the results just didn’t get us very much in return.  Since you took over our campaign we have seen a huge influx in interest and new diners…”

Zachary Collins
General Manager
Lakehouse Bistro

Book Your call with our Restaurant Growth Specialist
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and start growing your Restaurant Business.

This Program is ideal for…

– Restaurants New or Established

 – Restaurants that have a good reputation and good customer service

 – Restaurants looking to increase their business and bring on more new diners every month

– Restaurants that know how to cook amazing food that brings people back for more

 – Restaurants that are willing to invest in their business to increase their monthly income and profits

What Sets Us Apart?

– We don’t use SEO strategies that most people try to sell you that can takes months or even years to get results.  We start getting you results in as little as 1 week.

– We use a multi-pronged marketing campaign approach that not only brings in new customers but also gets them coming back for more so they continue to be repeat customers.

– We offer a minimum 4x return on investment guarantee.  Meaning if you don’t make 4 times what you invest in this program over the course of 4 months, we will work for you for free until you do. You just pay the adspend and we will waive our fee. 

Why Our Method Works


We discuss your business, what you’ve been doing and what your goals are.  Then we formulate a plan and offer designed to achieve those goals.


We take a look at your current online presence and identify areas where we can increase and improve your visibility on various search and social sites.


We then craft a highly targeted Facebook campaign that generates new and repeat customers in your area and keeps them coming back for more.


All you need to do is provide great tasting food and excellent customer service and watch your Restaurant business grow.

Book Your call with our Restaurant Growth Specialist

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About Scott Melnyk

Scott has always been an entrepreneur at heart.  Growing up in rural Alberta, Canada, he eventually went on to build a 7 figure business that he started from scratch in his spare bedroom that grew into a multi-faceted web development and digital marketing agency. With over 27 years experience, he has a passion for helping businesses throughout USA and Canada grow and scale through lead generation and sales automation.  He is now CEO and Founder of 360 Media Consulting.