So you’re ready to grow your Realtor business – great. One of the best ways to do that is to generate a steady flow of buyer and seller leads. The easiest and fastest way to attain this is to buy your leads from a lead generation company that specializes in Realtor leads.

But before you spend your hard-earned marketing dollars on hiring someone to do this for you, make sure you know what you’re paying for because not all lead generation services are the same.

Quality vs. Quantity

When deciding on who you will buy your leads from, consider what’s more important to you – quality or quantity? Many lead generation services will send you a ton of leads by scraping them off various sites from the web. But the issue with this is that these leads are not exclusive and are more than likely being feds to dozens if not hundreds of other Realtors. By the time they get to you, another agent has probably already beat you to the punch and contacted the lead.

Instead try to focus on the quality of the lead. And by that, I mean a lead who’s contact information has not already been spread around from one lead generation website or company to another.

In order to achieve this, you need leads that are more likely to be exclusive. While it’s impossible to ensure exclusivity with any lead, if the lead has been generated through an online advertisement selling a particular property, or by an online advertisement looking for someone who is looking to sell their home, and this advertisement was placed specifically for you only, chances are these type of leads are more likely to be new on the market or at the very least you are less likely to have to compete against other Realtors to get their business.


When you pay for leads, make sure to look for a service that has some sort of vetting process. There are tons of leads out there but a large percentage of those are just tire kickers. There’s nothing worse than spending a few hours of your time in a day with a lead only to find out they have no real intent to buy or sell their home for another 6 months to a year or more.

Vetting your leads can help you focus more of your time on those who are looking for your services sooner rather than later and make your time spent with customers way more efficient.

Lead Nurturing

As you know, there’s a lot of reasons why some people decide not buy or not to sell after you speak with them. It could be the current market conditions, financial qualification, or simply down to the season amongst many others. But this doesn’t mean you should entirely give up on those leads. In fact, an important part of maintaining a steady flow of Realtor leads is nurturing those who have shown interest but aren’t quite ready yet. If you do this consistently, eventually some of the those leads are going to be ready to get into the market, and if they have already established contact with you before in the past and you have remained a steady source of Realtor information for them, that already puts you well ahead of any other Realtors for them to come back and deal with you instead of starting their search for a Realtor over from scratch.

So if you’re not doing a regular long-term follow-up process with the leads you have, then make sure the lead service you are using has a lead nurturing follow-up system in place. This can make a real difference in the long term and contribute significantly to your lead pipeline, and ultimately your commissions.

I’d love to hear about your experience, challenges, comments or questions about this topic, feel free to leave them here below and I will be sure to respond.

Patrick Melnyk
CEO & Senior Media Strategist
360 Media Consulting

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